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MACRO ECONOMIC SECTOR OUTLOOK Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

MACRO ECONOMIC SECTOR OUTLOOK - Essay Example The services provided by the telecommunication sector has become a necessary service for us for our daily life, and hence it can well be expected that consumers as well as business enterprises will not be able to reduce their spending on this service even in recessions. Thus the investment potential of the telecommunication sector seems to be very bright. To gain more from our investments, we can invest in the telecommunication sector of the highly growing markets of India, China, Turkey, etc., while retaining our exposure to European countries and the USA. FINACIALS: The interest rate sensitivity of the financial sector is very high and this sector shows a tendency of providing great during the period of low interest rates. Since, the level of interest rates in the USA and European nations are now quite low at the phase of economic recovery, the investments in the financial sector of these nations are expected to provide excellent performance. However, presently investments in this sector involve a great amount of risk due to high inflation in Asian countries and Obama’s financial policies relating to trade. Due to this reason, we are underweight in this sector. But this should not be a thing of great anxiety as we still possess sufficient weights for having adequate return on out investments. However, we should be cautious about our investment decision in China due to increase in the rate of interest in this nation. Hence, we should limit out exposure to china and concentrate more on the financial markets of USA and Europe as interest rates can be expected to remain low here. MATERIALS: The materials sector has a tendency to outperform other defensive areas during economic expansions. The materials sector is such a economic field where we can be overweight. Investments in this sector at this time or in near future could be a bit risky as it may loose its growth momentum after the fast growth that it has been experiencing for some time. Moreover, the se ctor is suffering form lower demand from countries like China which is lowering the prices and negatively affecting the overall performance of the sector. However, we are still maintaining our exposure to this hard commodity sector as we expect that even with lower demand this sector will be able to provide better performance compared to other defensive sectors. ENERGY: The energy sector is one of those sectors which are expected to provide lucrative returns. This sector has a quite high dependence on oil prices. Since, oil prices are expected to follow an increasing path in future, the energy sector is expected to outperform other areas. Oil prices are expected to rise for a number of factors including reduction in supply of oil by OPEC, increase in demand for oil with economic recovery in USA, Europe, China, India and other nations, expansion of money supply in the USA that is expected to create inflationary pressure. Thus, it will be a great decision to maintain our exposure in t he energy sector. We can also increase our exposure in this sector. We are also increasingly investing in oil services and exploration as they are now placed on high growth path. CONSUMER STAPLES: Being a defensive sector, the sector of consumer staples is facing lower growth opportunities in this period of economic recovery. Rising prices of foods has produced negative impacts on the

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The Alibaba Group Business Ehincs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

The Alibaba Group Business Ehincs - Essay Example The English-based site known as focuses on business-to-business kind of trading, especially for many international buyers who strive to contact sellers in China. The Chinese-based website known as concentrates on business-to-business transactions within China, and finally, there is, a consumer-to-consumer business site for Chinese clients. The Japanese-based website called mainly focuses on Japanese customers. At the moment, the Alibaba Group comprises the following subordinate-companies:, an online auction website for clients; Alipay, an online payments site, processing majorly payments emanating from China; Alisoft, a web services provider to China’s Small and Medium-sized ventures; Alimama, which is an online marketing exchange forum, that allows web publishers and advertisers to trade via online promotion inventory; China Yahoo!, which is a search engine; as well as, the largest communities in Chi na for exchanging essential life information including as food, clothes, travel and housing (Bidwai 2010). Importance of business ethics and their impact on the organization Ethics means a collection of moral principles, a perception of right and wrong, goodness and badness of dealings as well as the motives and repercussions of these actions. When applied to business context, ethics refers to the study right and wrong, good and evil, and just and unjust dealings of businessmen. It refers to the study of business circumstances, decisions and activities where issues of what is right or otherwise are addressed. It addresses not only commercial enterprises, but also government entities, not-for-profit organizations (NGOs), charitable institutions among others (Crane & Matten 2010). At, ethics is very important to the company in general and the HR department to be specific, for the following stated reasons: Ethics tally to essential human needs. All men naturally desire to be ethical; both in private life as well as in business where. By being a manager man knows that his judgment may influence a countless number of employees. Furthermore, most p eople desire to be part of a company that they can both respect and also be proud of, given that they perceive its purposed activities are honest and also beneficial to the whole society. The Group’s HR managers aspire to respond to the said needs of their employees. On the other hand, the managers feel an equal requirement to be proud of the company which they are directing. These basic ethical necessities force the organization to have an ethical orientation (Crane & Matten 2010). Values establish credibility with the larger public. A company that is perceived by the general public to be ethical as well as socially responsive gets to be honored as well as respected even by clients with no intimate acquaintance of its actual operations. There will always be automatic bias in favour of its services or products, given that people believe that the business offers value in exchange for their money. Its public concern will attract an instant response. Given Alibaba’s CSR ( corporate social responsibility) comprehensive program, together with the existing code of business ethics, the company has been able to craft credibility with the general public it serves. Values confer upon the management integrity with its employees. Values are meant to be a mutual language to bring the company’s leadership as well as its people together. Company ethics whenever perceived by the employees as genuine enable the building of common goals, language and values. At, the HR department has realized standing with its employees because it has been able to register

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Group Support Systems Essay Example for Free

Group Support Systems Essay Group Support System is technology that is solely designed to spur the work of groups. It can be used to cooperate, compete, negotiate, coordinate, communicate or solve problems. Whilst conventional technologies, such as the telephone qualify as GSS, the term is customarily used in reference to a definite class of technologies relying on contemporary computer networks like newsgroups, email, chat or videophones. GSSs have the ability to reduce communication barriers, thereby improving organizational effectiveness. The technology facilitates clearer, faster and more persuasive communication and allows communication where it wouldn’t otherwise be feasible or possible. What’s more, Group Support Systems facilitate new-fangled means of communication like structured interactions and anonymous interchanges, in so doing, they significantly reduce communication barriers. Similarly, Group Support Systems enhance team productivity in the organization by allowing team members to collaborate from anywhere, share contact and information instantly and access email accounts from a single inbox. Besides, GSS lessens on time-consuming phone calls, travel expenses and organizational meetings. It as well curbs expensive overnight couriers and mailings, thereby improving organizational efficient through increased productivity. Facilitating decision-making activities is one of the cardinal features of Group Support System. The technology is applauded for knowledge management and brings to fore expertise as well as multiple perspectives regarding organizational decision making. Furthermore, it leverages professional expertise in making pertinent decisions to the objectives, goals, mission and vision of an organization. Finally, the benefits of Group Support Systems that I have experienced in the workplace are diverse and far-reaching. The technology enables members to back up imperative documents in a secure location, in that way reduces risk of information loss as a result of computer theft or damage.

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The Genesis of a Backcountry Identity :: Colonial America Colonization Essays

The Genesis of a Backcountry Identity In the North American English[1] colonial experience and in the subsequent post- revolutionary American Republic, the ability to assimilate either individually or collectively into the hierarchy of power represented a continually evolving process. Previously, throughout Europe’s ancient rà ©gime, a ridged hierarchy had dominated the social interaction of every facet of life and dictated that social positioning was a product of one’s birth and not open to unwarranted acts of social promotion. With the opening of English colonization efforts in the new world during the seventeenth century, the ridged social hierarchy of the old world was transplanted to North America. Although the Puritan settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Area and the settlers at Jamestown came to North America with wildly divergent intentions, the two different groups nevertheless brought with them the social behaviors of the dominate English identity that they had both been accustom to. The geographica l distance between England and North America, however, generated a logistically challenged environment that increasingly compelled colonial Americans to integrate their dominant English customs within the practical realities of living three thousand miles away from London. Maintaining traditional social order in the English North American colonies was therefore particularly problematic the farther west that English colonial expansion reached in North America. Consequently, in the ensuing one hundred and fifty plus years before colonial America entered the pre-revolutionary period in 1763[2], a gradual weakening of the traditional English hierarchical order of colonial life facilitated the development of a sectionalist conflict that would characterize the western expansion of North America. The loosening of traditional social controls in the English North American colonies affected nearly every aspect of colonial society, but along the expanding frontier regions of colonial America the effects of the weakening hierarchy’s authority allowed a distinct frontier or backcountry identity to develop.[3] At the forefront of the backcountry’s collective identity lay the singular importance of land ownership because, as historian Alan Taylor suggests, â€Å"the distribution of †¦property would determine what sort of society would be reproduced over time as Americans expanded across the continent.†[4] Because property ownership ultimately represented the defining element for entrance into the governing ranks of early American society, some marginalized groups of white frontier settlers that were typically comprised of recently arrived immigrants, squatters, and tenant farmers, occasionally were compelled to rebel against the eastern colonial centers of authority. The Paxton

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Exploring Love and Loss Essay

Guiding Question: How can we compare and explore the themes of love and loss within 4 poems of our choice? This essay will be based upon the four poems â€Å"First Love† by John Clare, â€Å"Remember† by Christina Rossetti, â€Å"When We Two Parted† by Lord Byron and â€Å"A Woman to Her Lover† by Christina Walsh. The themes of love and loss will be explored and compared in this essay, and we will be shown how the authors use of language, structure, and form in each poem, can be shown to portray their ideas, regarding love and loss. â€Å"First Love†, â€Å"Remember† and â€Å"When We Two Parted† have a fixed rhyme – (ABAB rhyme). However, â€Å"A Woman to Her Lover† has free verse structure (no iambic pentameter) which was used to develop the idea of freedom because the poem is about â€Å"real love† and freedom. It is the only poem of the four that doesn’t stick to any rhythm, maybe this is because the author wanted to capture the reader’s attention? A good example of this is when Christina Walsh says â€Å"O husband, I am yours forever and our co-equal love will make the stars to laugh with joy. † This is one way that Christina shows freedom in her poetry. â€Å"Remember† has a patriarchal sonnet, which is where the first eight lines discuss a particular idea of loss, and the last six lines offer a resolution/conclusion of that idea. â€Å"When We Two Parted† has a blank verse and uses an iambic pentameter. An example of an iambic pentameter in â€Å"When We Two Parted† is â€Å"Half broken-hearted, to sever for years. † This shows ten syllables, and with every other being stressed, it creates intensity and a certain amount of seriousness. In these two poems, â€Å"First Love† and â€Å"A Woman to Her Lover†, the authors try their best to represent the nature of love. In reading â€Å"First Love†, john Clare gives out a clear message to the readers: How it feels when we fall in love for the first time. He expresses falling in love as something magical. He describes how his legs â€Å"refused to walk away†, in other words meaning he was totally wrapped up in love and so mesmerized by her beauty that he did not actually want to walk away. â€Å"A Woman to Her Lover† is unusual. The poem represents love, but it is as If Christina Walsh doesn’t want to be possessed or worshipped, but respected instead. She thinks love means equal partnership; for example sharing things. It is not love if she does everything for her partner – â€Å"No servant will I be if that be what you ask. O lover I refuse you! † â€Å"When We Two Parted† and â€Å"Remember† both express love in different ways. â€Å"When We Two Parted† shows that you do not know what you have until you lose it. Lord Byron had many affairs and therefore when he found out that his mistress was dying, he could not openly grieve because nobody knew that they were lovers. When he found out about his mistress dying, he felt sad and depressed, but all the same felt trapped, because he could not express himself. This sadness and depression made it so hard for Byron to express his feelings, because maybe it caused her love for him to die. These four poems also represent loss in some ways. â€Å"When We Two Parted† and â€Å"Remember† are very similar. Both poems give a different kind of message to their lovers but have one thing in common – the loss of a good, strong relationship. Byron is portraying that his mistress dumped him and now he does not know how to deal with it because he is married and is having an affair. He cannot openly talk about how he feels as his affair was a secret. He also writes â€Å"A knell to mine ear† in the third stanza. This is explaining that if he hears her name, it would be like a death bell in his ears. This poem also shows love deteriorating. Christina Rossetti on the other hand, is explaining to her lover how she is dying slowly, and to move on and be happy. The first line â€Å"†¦ REMEMBER me when I am gone away† clearly tells us that this is poem is about loss and possibly death. She talks about separating from a loved one – possibly her husband – but it is not clear because in the second line she says that she will go â€Å"far away into a silent land. † This again could represent heaven – the fact that she is dying, or that she is just simply fed up of her relationship and wants to get away from everything, including love. â€Å"First Love† is the only poem out of these four that hardly represents loss (in the sense of never being to experience first love once again). It shows that he has lost his heart to her and is blinded by love. This can particularly be expressed when John Clare writes â€Å"and then my blood rushed to my face and took my eyesight quite away,† and â€Å"I could not see a single thing. † This shows that through his eyes, all he can see is her, and love, and he is overwhelmed by the feeling. However, â€Å"A Woman to Her Lover† represents loss because Christina Walsh’s partner is losing out on getting her. We can see this in the first three stanzas where Christina is refusing her lover and wants to be independent. Focusing on the first two stanzas mainly, there is evidence of Christina refusing her lover; â€Å"O lover I refuse you! † (First stanza) and â€Å"Fool, I refuse you! † (Second stanza), this shows that Rossetti may perhaps be trying to express loss, but the loss of which is derived from love. This is how the poems share a link, they are on the basis of love, but some waver off into loss. These four poems show different aspects of imagery. â€Å"First Love† uses natural imagery – for example â€Å"trees†, â€Å"flowers† and â€Å"snow† to create a positive mood, but â€Å"Remember† creates a dark and depressive mood, which we can clearly see from her style of language and tone, which is morbid. We can see this when Rossetti says â€Å"†¦ REMEMBER me when I am gone away, gone far away into the silent land, when you can no more hold me by the hand, nor I half turn to go yet turning stay. † The rhyme is also important here because it increases the fluency. â€Å"When We Two Parted† also creates a dull and depressive atmosphere because we can see from the title that the relationship is over and that there is bound to be grief from both lovers. Finally, â€Å"A Woman to Her Lover† expresses imagery that causes tension, as the last stanza has a turning point explaining how Christina Walsh will be with her husband forever, whereas in other stanzas she refuses her lover as mentioned above. To explore love and loss, and portray to the reader how they are felt, each writer uses a different mix of literary techniques. Similes can be very effective in comparing human emotions to items that the author can relate to. In â€Å"First Love,† One example of how John Clare uses similes is when he describes and compares his first love’s beauty to flowers – â€Å"Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower. † Clare also uses a hyperbole; â€Å"And then my blood rushed to my face and took my eyesight quite away. † This is known as a hyperbole (an exaggeration) because he isn’t literally blind, he has just lost his heart to a woman, and this highlights the phrase: love is blind, which is often heard these days. Clare was so caught up in love that he could not see anything else. He uses personification when saying â€Å"Are flowers the winters choice? † He is saying that he has never felt these feelings before, and is comparing love to snow because snow is beautiful. It was easy to picture the scene of the poems because it sounded sensible, and is backed up by a clear use of emotive language and imagery. Some things such as â€Å"snow† in â€Å"First Love† are unusual, but not unheard of, and so this results in people finding it is easy to paint a mental picture of. The ideas of love and loss in these poems are important as they show us what the speaker felt at the time. It was a personal experience to them, and the imagery they used was very effective because it took a powerful grip on the reader, and the way imagery was used, is something that readers could relate to. The authors made each poem sound as pure as possible through using literary techniques such as: metaphors, similes, hyperboles, adjectives, personification, and natural imagery. These four poems are effective because they explore the idea and theme of love and loss thoroughly enough for the readers to get a general perspective on how love and loss can affect us in everyday life.

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Theme Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird - 1450 Words

Ingrained Racism â€Å"Remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird...Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy† (Lee 119). The white community sinned and the black community suffered as an innocent mockingbird was killed. Although innocence is one recurring theme in Harper Lee’s novel, it seems as though it only mattered to her. Lee illustrates the widespread racial discrimination and oppression that developed in every social class of Maycomb, Alabama. Mulligan’s interpretation however manages to miss one of, if not the biggest overall theme of the book, profound racism. But what Mulligan fails to reinforce is the idea of deeply embedded racism. Throughout the novel, Harper Lee portrays a balance of the dualism between good†¦show more content†¦Lee presents the how much an adult can influence a child. Francis, Aunt Alexandras grandson, repeats what Aunt says to him and accepts it. Teaching children as such a young age the se racist ideas influences them forever. The reader sees this first hand as they learn Francis parrots Aunt Alexandra. Lee adds Francis uttering his own racial slurs as learned from his grandmother, saying, â€Å"I guess it ain’t your fault if Uncle Atticus is a nigger-lover besides, but I’m here to tell you it certainly does mortify the rest of the family† (Lee 110). Harper Lee portrays Francis among the other children as a victim of a racist society. Such deeply rooted bigotry influences the young children’s actions and choices subsequently. Lee wonderfully demonstrates the plentiful racism not only in the adults mind, but also in the childrens. When Mulligan fails to include such minimal but deeply significant scenes and dialogues, he misses the overall theme. Moreover, Robert Mulligan excludes the dining room scene that reveals racism existed in every social aspect of Maycomb’s society. Mrs. Merriweather, an educated woman, although partakes in a minimal part of the book, possess crucial importance in relaying the theme of harsh racism. In an excluded scene, Aunt Alexandra and the upper class women discussed the case, in which Lee introduces the deep racism of the upper social classes. The women disgustingly spoke about the trial, placingShow MoreRelatedTheme Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird1340 Words   |  6 Pages1930’s. Racism is a major aspect in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. The main character, Scout, has to deal with this problem everyday. Bob Ewell, Mr. Cunningham, and other characters are very racist, and don’t approve of Atticus defending a â€Å"Negroe†. This causes Scout to be bullied in school and even attacked by Mr. Ewell. Also, characters such as Tom Robinson are negatively affected by racism in Maycomb. Tom is killed just because of his skin color. In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, HarperRead MoreTheme Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird1776 Words   |  8 PagesSUBJECT To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee is set in Maycomb County, Alabama in the 1930s, during the Great Depression. It is a time of racism, opinionated communities, and poverty. Scout and Jem Finch face several conflicts throughout the novel and are forced to mature quickly. Atticus Finch, the father of Jem and Scout, also faces a major difficulty which will affect his family and the town he lives in. Atticus Finch is a lawyer in Maycomb, and is given the responsibility to support the defendantRead MoreTheme Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird1015 Words   |  5 PagesMiss Caroline. Throughout the novel of To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus keeps pressing this idea to Scout and to Scout’s brother, Jem, as Atticus defends a black man in court against the racism of the whole town. The theme that one can’t fully understand another until one attempts to, â€Å"‘climb inside of his skin and walk around in it’† (Lee 33) is demonstrated through Scout’s anguish over Jem’s increasing maturity, Atticus’ explanation for violence and racism in the mob, and Scout’s empathy for ArthurRead MoreThe Theme of Racism in To Kill a Mockingbird Essay1050 Words   |  5 PagesIn the book To Kill a Mockingbird, many minor themes are present such as gender and age. However, the largest and therefore major theme of the book is racism. All of the e vents and themes in the book had only one purpose, to support the theme of racism. One of the most important events in the book was Tom Robinson’s trial, which was unfairly judged due to the fact that the jury could not see beyond the color of Tom’s skin. The put their own racist opinions ahead of what is right and just. One ofRead MoreTheme Of Racism And Fear In To Kill A Mockingbird840 Words   |  4 Pagesfree of racism and prejudice. That it is past the years of wrongfully convicting African-American men and past an unfair judicial system. People believe equality for all is really happening. Yet, studies show that innocent black men are seven times more likely to be convicted of murder than innocent white people. Another study shows that even though black people represent only 13% of the US population they represent 47% of 1,900 exonerations from 1989 to mid-October of 2016. In the book To Kill a MockingbirdRead More Racism in Literature Essay1144 Words   |  5 PagesRacism, a disease of the ignorant, is a horrific part of society, and has rear ed its ugly head throughout history, and is continuing to do the same today. Racism comes in many shapes and forms, directed towards a variation of cultures. It can end lives and tear communities apart. Often times, there are people who see racism, and are inspired to write about it, with the goal in mind to make a difference and change societies belief. Abel Meeropol and Harper Lee had that goal in common, when writingRead MoreWhy Is Innocence Becomes Experience?1225 Words   |  5 PagesIn To Kill A Mockingbird there are several reason why innocence becomes experience. stated â€Å"Between ages 5 and 11, the researchers found, children become aware that many people believe stereotypes, including stereotypes about academic ability. When children become aware of these types of bias about their own racial or ethnic group, it can affect how they respond to everyday situations.† This shows that Scout and Jem are in a time of their lives when racism will take effect. No t only becauseRead MoreTheme Of Symbolism In To Kill A Mockingbird791 Words   |  4 PagesTo Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a multi-faceted novel which explores the principles and morals of people in the South during the 1930s. Mockingbirds are symbolic of the people that society abuse. Lee narrates the events of the novel using Scout’s voice and uses this technique to add emotional context and develop themes. Themes of racial and classist prejudice are developed by Lee to challenge the reader. These techniques are all powerful ways to alter the views of the reader. MockingbirdsRead MoreAnalysis Of Harper Lee s Kill A Mockingbird 1491 Words   |  6 PagesHarper Lee’s ​ To Kill a Mockingbird ​ is a critically acclaimed, Pulitzer Prize winning novel that instantly attained its position as one of the greatest literary classics (Editors).The story of Scout Finch’s childhood has become one of the most notable narratives that addresses controversial issues present in the early 20th century. Lee’s novel depicts themes of race, justice, and innocence throughout the novel. Although ​ To Kill a Mockingbird​ is regarded as a literary masterpiece in AmericanRead MoreKill A Mockingbird, By Robert Mulligan941 Words   |  4 Pages To Kill A Mockingbird In the movie To Kill a Mockingbird directed by Robert Mulligan portrays a story about a small town lawyer, who has taken upon himself to prove that Tom Robinson was innocent of raping a young woman by the name of Mayella Ewell. The only problem that Atticus faced was Tom Robinson was an African American at a time where racism was big, especially in the 1930’s. Atticus goes above and beyond to try and prove he was innocent. The end result was that Tom Robinson was guilty and

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Transitional Expressions - Definitions and Examples

A transitional expression is a word or phrase that shows how the meaning of one sentence is related to the meaning of the preceding sentence. Also called a  transition, transitional word, or signal word. Usage Though important for establishing cohesion in a text, transitional expressions can be overworked to the point that they distract readers. Overuse of these signals can seem heavy-handed, says Diane Hacker. Usually, you will use transitions quite naturally, just where readers need them (The Bedford Handbook, 2013). A transitional expression can be useful for making a text or a speech flow well, with clear connections between ideas. However, inexperienced writers will often use these phrases too often, peppering them in every sentence or multiple times in a single sentence, which can actually have the opposite effect: confusing readers or obscuring the point, rather than clarifying the point. Examples and Observations Far to his left, in the northeast, beyond the valley and the terraced foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental, the two volcanoes, Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl, rose clear and magnificent into the sunset. Nearer, perhaps ten miles distant, and on a lower level than the main valley, he made out the village of Tomalà ­n, nestling behind the jungle, from which rose a thin blue scarf of illegal smoke, someone burning wood for carbon. Before him, on the other side of the American highway, spread fields and groves, through which meandered a river, and the Alcapancingo road.(Malcolm Lowry, Under the Volcano, 1947)The secret is that our holidays should rest not only our minds and bodies but our characters too. Take, for example, a good man. His goodness wants a holiday as much as his poor weary head or his exhausted body.(E.V. Lucas, The Perfect Holiday, 1912)Over the years his family had turned ironical and lost its gift for action. It was an honorable and violent family, but eventually the violence had been deflected and turned inward.(Walker Percy, The Last Gentleman, 1966)Santayana was the last aesthetician to describe beauty without self-consciousness; and that was in 1896. As a result, we now live in a relativists world where one mans beauty is another mans beast.(Gore Vidal, On Prettiness, 1978)If Larry shoots field goals at 0.6 probability of success, he will get five in a row about once every thirteen sequences (0.65). If Joe, by contrast, shoots only 0.3, he will get his five straight only about once in 412 times. In other words, we need no special explanation for the apparent pattern of long runs.(Stephen Jay Gould, The Streak of Streaks, 1988)Using But as a Transitional ExpressionLearn to alert the reader as soon as possible to any change in mood from the previous sentence. At least a dozen words will do the job for you: but, yet, however, nevertheless, still, instead, thus, therefore, meanwhile, now, later, today, subsequently, and several more. I cant ove rstate how much easier it is for readers to process a sentence if you start with but when youre shifting direction. . . .Many of us were taught that no sentence should begin with but. If thats what you learned, unlearn it--theres no stronger word at the start.(William Zinsser, On WritingWell, Collins, 2006)Using Specific TransitionsTransitional expressions within a paragraph and between paragraphs help the reader move from one detail or supporting point in an essay to the next. When first learning to organize an essay, beginning writers may start each body paragraph and every new example with a transitional expression (first, for example, next). These common transitions are useful and clear, but they can sound mechanical. To improve the flow of your ideas and the strength of your written voice, try to replace some of these expressions with specific phrases (at the start of the meeting or in some peoples minds) or with dependent clauses (when drivers use cell phones or as I approache d the intersection).(Paige Wilson and Teresa Ferster Glazier, The Least You Should Know about English, Form A: Writing Skills, 11th ed. Wadsworth, 2012)It turns out . . .Incidentally, am I alone in finding the expression ‘it turns out’ to be incredibly useful? It allows you to make swift, succinct, and authoritative connections between otherwise randomly unconnected statements without the trouble of explaining what your source or authority actually is. It’s great. It’s hugely better than its predecessors ‘I read somewhere that . . . or the craven they say that . . . because it suggests not only that whatever flimsy bit of urban mythology you are passing on is actually based on brand new, ground breaking research, but that it is research in which you yourself were intimately involved. But again, with no actual authority anywhere in sight.(Douglas Adams, Hangover Cures. The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time. Macmillan, 2002) Related Concepts TransitionCoherenceCohesion Exercise: Combining and Connecting SentencesCohesion Strategies: A List of Transitional Words and PhrasesCue WordSample Paragraphs: Junk Food Junkie and Confessions of a SlobParagraph TransitionTransitional Paragraph